We are not only a school for those, whose dream is to become a chef, but also a restaurant, where our students will feast our guests with something amazingly tasty. It doesn’ t matter whether you want to become our student or our guest - we’ll be glad to make friendship with you!

Breathtaking location

The restaurant is located in the park with a breathtaking view with for the picturesque lake with white and black swans. The old private residence with a white colonnade has been carefully restored and today reminds the country European house with spacious windows and the forged balcony.

Perfect Taste

Proper cuisine with the best traditions of Liguria, Tuscany and Piedmont, Provence and Burgundy, in the performance of the Chef, whose innate talent and years of experience allow maximum accurately convey taste emotions.

Special Offer

For fans of the home cook, we are preparing products that you can buy: butter, flavored mayonnaise, olive oil, pasta, bread and so on. We also share our recepies with you, so that you can feel yourself a real chef.

We offer you

Grill Menu

Our chefs are ready to offer you the freshest disheыб cooked on open fire. By the way, many side dishes for our main courses we also cook on the grill.

Popular Salads

Choose from a wide variety of classic and original recipes, that are ideal for the beginning of the meal.

Fresh Recipes

Recipes from our culinary site will help you build a reputation of a professional chef. You'll be proud of yourself!

Top Desserts

For dessert we offer masterpieces of confectionary art — succulent cakes, classic desserts, ice cream and so on.